TimberMaster Basic Moisture Meter

The TimberMaster Basic Moisture Meter is a new digital, simple to use moisture meter specifically designed for the timber industry. It is ideal for a range of quality control applications associated with the production, trading and use of wood products.It is also a useful indicator of moisture in other materials. This compact instrument has eight calibration scales, enabling the user to take accurate moisture measurements in 150 wood species. When necessary, it can be used with a temperature probe that … Read More

Mini 2000 Moisture Meter

The Mini 2000 Moisture Meter is the definitive general purpose moisture meter. The Mini 2000 series is probably the most widely used moisture meters in the world. These compact, general purpose moisture meters are used by building professionals and trades across the globe, to check the moisture level of wood and masonry products for a vast range of quality control and dampness diagnosis applications.

DM4A Moisture Meter

The DM4A Moisture Meter is a universal moisture meter for measuring moisture content in wood, building materials, paper, cardboard and numerous other materials. Non destructive – in seconds – only push and read. Conforms to : DIN EN.50081 & 2(EC Rated)

MRH Digital Moisture Meter

The MRH Digital Moisture Meter is a digital moisture and humidity meter for moisture evaluation of buildings and construction materials. The MRH is a digital non-destructive meter for measuring moisture content in wood, dry-wall, masonry, roofing, siding and other construction materials with optional humidity probe to give readings for Relative Humidity, Mixing Ratio (Grains/lb-Grams/kg), Temperature and Dew point.