Affri Portable Metal Hardness Tester - Discontinued

Product Description

Affri Portable Metal Hardness Tester
The Affri Portable Metal Hardness Tester is a portable Rockwell Hardness Tester with direct digital read-out. It is designed for hardness tests on particularly cumbersome items like materials in the warehouse, and pieces which cannot be tested on a bench Hardness Tester. This includes, very thin metal such as shearing bands and surfaces in hardened metal such as superficial hardness.  Starting from a thickness of 0.08mm, it does not spoil the surface because it produces micro-indentations. It works on the Rockwell principle, with preload and load. It has automatic zeroing and memory of the last result. The Affri Metal Hardness Tester is light and compact, and it incorporates, a microprocessor, with a LCD display indicating the hardness value which is fixed and memorized on the display until the next test.  It allows for tests to be done even where there is little light.
  • The best instrument to test hardness on metal films, very thin surfaces such as superficial hardness treatments, chromium filling material and layer of metal filling material.
  • Finished products such as aeroplane wings, medical products, jewels, surgical tools.
  • It measures Rockwell, Brinell & Vickers
  • For All Metals
  • Direct Digital Read Out
  • Memory of Last Result
  • For Big and Small Pieces
  • Portable hardness tester with memory
  • For every kind of metal both very hard and soft
  • For thin surfaces starting from 0.08 mm thickness
  • Suitable for flat, round and irregular pieces
  • There is no need to adjust it
  • Repeatable
  • The penetrator is a diamond cone.
  • Easy to use – place the hardness tester on the surface to be examined and press the hard-grip right down; release the pressure, the piece hardness immediately appears on the display.


Affri Portable Metal Hardness Tester – Specifications

Description Specification
Accuracy ±1 HRC – Unparalleled accuracy and repeatability both on very big pieces and very slim parts.
It is supplied with a calibrated reference specimen.
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 12cm
Power 1 x 9 Volt battery, which should last for 2000 tests.

Data Sheet

Affri Portable Metal Hardness Tester – Data Sheet

Affri Portable Metal Hardness Tester Data Sheet

Instruction Manual

Affri Portable Metal Hardness Tester – Instruction Manual

Affri Portable Metal Hardness Tester Instruction Manual