Elcometer 213-2 Digital Waterproof Thermometer

The Elcometer 213-2 Digital Waterproof Thermometer allows quick and easy measurement for a wide range of applications using the K-type thermocouple and gives readings in °C.  It’s a simple, easy-to-use digital thermometer for measurements of surface, air and liquid temperature as well as the temperature of soft materials. The Elcometer 213/2 Digital Waterproof Thermometer offers the latest microprocessor technology, superior durability and is designed for reliability and ease of use. Features: Rubber bumper seals for impact resistance Waterproof case (IP66 … Read More

Elcometer 212 Digital Pocket Thermometers

The Elcometer 212 is a digital, pocket sized thermometer ideal for day to day use. Incorporating a fast response stainless steel liquid probe, the Elcometer 212 digital pocket thermometer provides temperature readings in under four seconds. Housed in a water resistant case with integrated rubber seals and a moulded flush window, preventing dirt and leaks damaging the LCD display, the Elcometer 212 is ideal for use in the harshest of environments. The probe conveniently folds back into the side of … Read More

Elcometer 113 Limpet Magnetic Thermometer

The Elcometer 113 Limpet Magnetic Thermometer continuously indicates the surface temperature of steel and other magnetic material. The thermometers are based on a bimetallic strip and therefore do not require batteries but do require time to adjust to the temperature. Available in a number of scale ranges, the Elcometer 113 Magnetic Thermometer is also available as an economy version.