HT225D Digital Concrete Test Hammer

HT-225D is an integrated digital concrete test hammer which combines a data processor and a test hammer into one unit. It is widely used for non-destructive testing the quality of concrete and building materials in a finished structure or in prefabricated blocks. From its rebound value, the compressive strength of concrete can be calculated automatically. All testing data can be stored in the memory and transferred to a PC using a USB cable or wireless via Bluetooth. Features of the … Read More

HT 225A Concrete Hardness Tester

  The HT 225A Concrete Test Hammer is designed specifically for the non-destructive testing of concrete structures. This testing method has considerable advantages over conventional methods of assessing the compressive strength of concrete, in that large areas can be tested in a very short time, at a very low cost.  In addition, it is possible to determine the variation in concrete quality between different sections of a structure with ease. The HT 225A is comparable with the Schmidt Hammer, Type … Read More

Elcometer 106 Pull Off Adhesion Tester

The Elcometer 106 Adhesion Tester is easy to operate and fully portable Type II adhesion gauge which provides a numerical value for adhesion strength. Applications for the Elcometer 106 Adhesion Test include paint or plasma spray on bridge decking, coatings on steel, aluminium, concrete etc. • Supplied in a carry case – ideal for site tests • Hand operated – no need for a power supply • Includes a cutter for EN13144 and ISO 4624 tests The Elcometer 106 Adhesion … Read More

Elcometer 132 Safety Torch / Flash Light (Intrinsically Safe)

  Many environments can have low light or dark areas and explosive gas present; ballast tanks, oil and gas tanks, etc. It is imperative, not only for safety reasons, but also to be able to inspect the coating adequately, to have sufficient light. The Elcometer 132 Safety Torch / Flash Light is explosion proof and meets the ATEX directive as category 2 equipment. It is approved to the latest EN Standards for electrical apparatus for potential explosive atmospheres. This allows … Read More

Elcometer 181 Mechanical Concrete Test Hammer

The concrete test hammer provides a quick, simple and inexpensive method for non-destructive evaluation of concrete compression strength and other masonry materials. Concrete test hammers are one of the most widely used instruments in the field of non-destructive testing and Elcometer offer both mechanical and digital models, with Optional Calibration Certificate available. This gauge consists of a spring loaded plunger which, when released, strikes the surface with fixed and constant impact energy. During the rebound stroke, the mass moves a … Read More

Elcometer P500 Imp Box Locator

Although originally designed to accurately locate valve boxes and manhole covers, the Elcometer P500 can also be used as a general metal detector. The Elcometer P500 is straight forward to use and very rugged making it a popular choice in the market. Detecting metal objects to a maximum depth of 1m Features of the Elcometer P500 Strong focused search field ensures the accurate location of objects close to metal fencing and vehicles Ignores any ghost signals from cigarette packets, drinks … Read More

MT6 Metal Locator / Detector – Discontinued

Buy it online here The MT6 metal locator finds both ferrous and nonferrous metal and indicates depth up to 152mm deep in Concrete & Plaster. Also used to detect Fire Arms at Check Points. Key Features: Locates metal up to 152mm deep Finds all types of metal Identifies magnetic vs non-magnetic Indicates depth of metal found Large LCD screen Robust for job site use Applications Find rebar, metal pipes, conduit, and plumbing before: Drilling into slabs for anchor bolts Coring through … Read More

Kolectric 8020 Concrete MicroCovermeter – Discontinued

The Kolectric 8020 Concrete Micro Covermeter is the world’s first microprocessor-controlled reinforcement bar locator, now with Data logging. Handheld Unit with Screen Display Lightweight K9 Probe With Keypad Auto Rebar Diameter Determination Depth Displayed in High/Low Range Accurate Discrimination of Close Bars Audio and Visual Bar Location Aids Data Logging Quick Scanning Facility to Preset Depth Data Logging to Spreadsheet Soft key User Programmable Carry case, Harness and Charger IP65 Rated. Screen Backlight Instructions and Optional Software Using high-powered processors … Read More

Elcometer Protovale 331 CoverMaster Software

  Supplied free with each Elcometer 331 2 Model HM, SH, TH and THD, Elcometer’s CoverMaster® software is designed to further simplify the setting up of your covermeter. This easy to use, powerful software package allows quicker data transfer into the CoverMaster® data management system. Covermeter and Half-Cell readings can be stored along with associated photographs, Word® documents, Excel® spreadsheets and other files.The Header page contains all details of the particular site. This includes information such as Batch ID, creation … Read More

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