Elcometer 138 Bresle Salt Meter

Incorporating a flat sensor, the Elcometer 138 Bresle Salt Meter measures the conductivity of a sample, then automatically converts this to show the density of salts, negating the need for the user to do a manual calculation when working in accordance with ISO 8502-6 or ISO 8502-9. Features of the Elcometer 138 Bresle Salt Meter/h2> • Highly precise measurements can be obtained • Out of range and low battery alarms • Visual indication when ambient temperature is outside the operating … Read More

Elcometer 138 Abrasive Soluble Salt Test Kit – ASTM D4940

  Abrasives used for blast cleaning surfaces can be contaminated with soluble salts due to the source or the re-use of the blasting media. This contamination can be transferred to the blast cleaned surface and result in accelerated corrosion conditions and also cause premature coating failure, if this contamination is not removed prior to applying the coating. Testing abrasives on site for soluble salt contamination can be carried out quickly and easily using the Elcometer 138 Abrasive Soluble Salt Test … Read More

TIME TR3220 Portable Roughness Tester

The New TIME TR3220 is an advanced stylus surface roughness measuring instrument with an integrated drive unit. It supports 45 kinds of roughness parameter measurements with high accuracy and a wide testing range to 400μm. Features of the TIME TR3220 Portable Roughness Tester Integrated design, easy and convenient to use V-shaped bottom can be used on flat or curved surfaces Touch screen with TFT LCD – showing all important data and graphs High accuracy inductive sensor probe Filtering methods of … Read More

TIME Portable Roughness Tester TR3200 / TR3202

The TIME TR3200 / TR3202 Surface Roughness Tester (TR200) is a cost-effective roughness measuring instrument which supports a dozen of different parameters. It is small & light with high accuracy. The TIME TR3200 / TR3202 can be equipped with several optional pickup styluses for different applications and is well suited for on-site roughness testing. Features of the TIME Portable Roughness Tester TR3200 / TR3202 Over a dozen measurement parameters applicable for roughness tests of various mechanical manufacturing processes in production … Read More

Rubert 130 Composite Set Surface Roughness Comparator

Comparators allow the estimation of surface roughness, by both touch and sight. This set consists of 30 comparison specimens, covering six commonly used and important machining methods: 6 Turned, 6 End-Milled, 6 Horizontally Milled, 6 Ground, 3 Lapped, 3 Reamed / Drilled A label gives the Ra values of each specimen in both metric and imperial units. (Rz-value label available on request).The set is mounted in an attractive wallet with an instruction card Applications The Rubert 130 Surface Roughness Comparators … Read More

Elcometer 139 Amine Blush Swab Test Kit

When using amine cured epoxy resin coatings in a multi-layer system, if the original coating cures in a low ambient temperature and/or in a high humidity environment, problems – referred to in the industry as amine blush can develop. The presence of amine blush can lead to inter-coat adhesion failures if the film is re-coated. The Elcometer 139 Amine Blush Swab Test Kit is a rapid colorimetric test designed solely for the use in the quick and immediate identification of … Read More

Elcometer 127 Keane-Tator Surface Comparators & Magnifier

  The Elcometer 127 Surface Comparators are available in sand, shot or grit surface profiles. Each surface comparator is supplied with 5 profile grades ranging from 0.5 – 5.5mils. Designed for use with the Elcometer 127 illuminated magnifier, each surface comparator has a hole in the centre allowing for clear visual comparisons to be made. 5 Roughness Values per Comparator The Elcometer 127 Surface Comparators can be used in accordance with: • AS 3894.5 • ASTM D 4417-A • SSPC … Read More

Elcometer 102 Needle Pressure Gauge

  Elcometer 102 Needle Pressure Gauge is designed to measure air pressure in blast and air hoses. Pressure drop is responsible for decreased production rates, increased abrasive consumption and reduced anchor profile in abrasive blasting systems.   Elcometer 102 Needle Pressure Gauge – Specifications Part Number Description E102-A Elcometer 102 Needle Pressure Gauge T10229425 Replacement Needle (Pack of 2) Measuring Range 0 – 300psi (0 – 20bar) Pressure Limitations Steady: 3/4 x full scale value Fluctuating: 2/3 x full scale … Read More

Elcometer 103 Blast Nozzle Gauge

  The Elcometer 103 Blast Nozzle Gauge measures the orifice size of an abrasive blasting nozzle. This gauge is used to determine the nozzle orifice wear which leads to low nozzle pressure and decreased efficiency in the performance of the nozzle’s venturi. Nozzle orifice wear results in decreased productivity and increased abrasive media consumption. To ensure your nozzle provides continuous high production, as a general rule, replace your nozzle when the orifice wears by 1 nozzle size. Elcometer 103 Blast … Read More

Elcometer 138E Conductivity Meter – Discontinued

‘ Incorporating a cup-style sensor, the Elcometer 138 Conductivity Meter can measure the conductivity of a solution from a few drops of a sample. Users can either place a sample on the meter’s sensor or immerse the meter’s sensor directly into the solution under test. The Elcometer 138E Conductivity Meter is suitable for a broad range of applications, including measuring the concentration of soluble salts, and measuring the electric conductivity (EC) of solutions. The Elcometer 138E Conductivity Meter features: Automatic … Read More

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