Elcometer TYPHOON Airless Pump

Product Description

Designed to be hard-wearing and easy to maintain, with low servicing costs, the Elcometer TYPHOON Airless Pump is efficient, powerful and reliable.

Ideal for metal fabricators applying shop primer, epoxy and other protective coatings, the 32:1 ratio Elcometer TYPHOON is an affordable airless pump with an excellent cost of ownership.

Efficient performance: Engineered for high product output yet low air consumption – 29.3lpm, the Elcometer Typhoon helps to lower expensive compressor running costs and improve performance.

User friendly: Sturdy yet compact, the Elcometer Typhoon is not only easy to manoeuvre around site, it has a 360° movable inlet fitting for easy access to the paint drum.

Easy to maintain: Designed with easy access high pressure dump valve, wet cup and lower- serviceable with standard workshop tools the Elcometer Typhoon is fast and easy to maintain.

Versatile: Choice of suction hose or product tank, suitable for applying primers, epoxy and other protective coatings.


Key Features




1) Low air consumption 29.3lpm and low maintenance air motor.

2) Protective air motor housing made from high grade polymer.

3) Anti-pulse chamber, compatible with waterborne & solvent based products, with stainless steel 80 mesh filter prevents tip blockages and ensures smooth spraying.

4) Rugged, long lasting pump with tungsten carbide and stainless steel ball and seats.

5) Easily accessible high pressure dump valve ensures fast material change over and easy pump cleaning.

6) 360° movable inlet fitting for easy access to paint drum.

7) Fluid and air regulator for consistent control of fluid & air pressure.

8) Floor locking plates for static use.

9) Ease of manual handling, less than 11.8kg wall mounted or only 24kg complete with trolley and suction hose or hopper options.

10) Easy to access wet cup for monitoring throat seal lubricant.

11) Each pump is fitted onto a rugged & ergonomic trolley with built-in hose & gun rack, for easy movement around site.

Unbolt the bracket and pump from the trolley to wall mount.


Ratio32 : 1
Maximum fluid particle size**0.25mm (10mils)
Fluid temperature range4.4 – 60°C
Fluid inlet size1/2” BSP Male
Fluid outlet size1/4” BSP Male
Compatible Products that can be pumpedSolvent and waterbased products
BallsStainless Steel
Pump Body / Cylinder HousingAluminium
Centre SectionHard Chrome Stainless Steel
Packing Kit (Top)Polyamide
Packing Kit (Bottom)Polyamide
Pump Body / Cylinder HousingAluminium
Air Pressure Operating Range1-7bar
Air Consumption at 100bar & 5.7 CPM29.3lpm
Maximum Air Inlet Pressure7bar
Air Inlet1/4” BSP Female
Air Exhaust / Silencer Port1/4” BSP Female
Compressor Requirements (Minimum)29.3lpm
Ambient Air Temperature Operating Range-10 – 60°C
Maximum Fluid Outlet Working Pressure226bar
Stroke Length60mm
Maximum Spray Tip Size0.45m
Product Output per Cycle45 cc
Free Flow Delivery @ 60 CPM*2.7 lpm
Weight (Pump only)8.7kg
Weight (Wall Mount with Suction Hose)11.8kg
Weight (Cart Mount with Suction Hose)23kg
Weight (Wall Mount with Hopper)11.9kg
Weight (Cart Mount with Hopper)23.1kg
Dimensions (Cart Mount)439 x 490 x 999mm
Dimensions (Wall Mount)332 x 304 x 535mm

Data Sheet

Elcometer TYPHOON Airless Pump – Data Sheet

Elcometer-TYPHOON-Airless-Pump Data Sheet

Part Numbers

Elcometer Typhoon Airless Pump
Part Number : PS32AL-T
Elcometer Typhoon Airless Pump – Sagola 104 PSAM Airless Spray Gun
Part Number : TY32-PS104
Elcometer Typhoon Airless Pump – Sagola 500 PSAM Airless Spray Gun
Part Number : TY32-PS500
Piston Seal Packing Oil; 500ml
Part Number : PT30090100


Analogue Pressure Gauge 0 – 12bar
Part Number:PT54550016
Suction Filter 1/2″
Part Number:PT83660047
Hopper Kit & Product Filter
Part Number:PT30090399
Airless Product Hose; 5m
Part Number:PT86463826
Airless Product Hose; 10m
Part Number:PT86463827
Airless Product Hose; 15m
Part Number:PT86463828
Sagola 104 PSAM Airless Spray Gun with Reversible Tip Spray Guard
Part Number:PG30170109
Sagola 107 PSAM Airless Spray Gun with Reversible Tip Spray Guard
Part Number:PG30170110
Sagola 500 PSAM Airless Spray Gun with Reversible Tip Spray Guard
Part Number:PG30170111
Hopper Product Filter: 40 Mesh
Part Number:PT83660001
Hopper Product Filter Spring Clip
Part Number:PT84760004
Anti-Pulsation System Filter: 100 Mesh
Part Number:PT83660009
Anti-Pulsation System Filter: 60 Mesh
Part Number:PT83660010
Suction Hose complete with Suction Hose Product Filter
Part Number:PT86465206
Product Return Valve & Hose Replacement Kit
Part Number:PT84260099
Anti-Pulsation System
Part Number:PT56413511
Piston Cylinder Lower Packing Set
Part Number:PT56418545
Piston Cylinder Upper Packing Set
Part Number:PT56418546
Piston (Upper) Valve Kit
Part Number:PT56418474
Suction (Lower) Valve Kit
Part Number:PT56418543
Piston Cylinder Sealing Gasket
Part Number:PT54210278
Air Motor Cylinder Piston Seal
Part Number:PT56418541
Air Motor Packing Set
Part Number:PT56418651