Sagola 6000X Air Heater

Product Description

The Sagola 6000X Air Heater system heats compressed air to a constant working temperature to ensure a stable painting process and a reduction of relative humidity .

The Sagola 6000X Air Heater provides an optimal surface quality finish, whilst maintaining a constant temperature in the compressed air which reduces its relative humidity. This avoids condensation problems in cold an wet environments as required for the application of certain types of products.

To ensure the the Sagola 6000X is safe to touch, it has a cool touch case where the cold air enters the pressurised chamber cooling the
outer shell of the equipment, keeping it isolated from the hot chamber inside.

  • Temperature stability both in the compressed air and the final painting elements such as hose and spray gun.
  • Stable painting process in areas with large temperature changes between day and night, winter and summer.
  • Constant working temperature.
  • Compact and robust.
  • Digital temperature display.
  • Cold touch, thermal insulation.
  • Easy to use; power button and temperature controller.
  • Out of the box installation.
  • Lightweight and small; easy to locate.
  • Right temperature in the spray gun almost immediately.
  • Includes a insulated hose to get the maximum energy-performance.
  • Designed to be fitted after Sagola 5000 and Sagola 4000 series air filtration systems and before the spray gun.
Key Features



1. Controls

2. Mains switch

3a. Red LED (Heating)

3b. Green LED (Ready)

4. Temperature sensor

5. Flow meter

6. Cold air chamber (depressurised)

7. Hot air chamber (pressurised)

8. Air inlet (from air filter)

9. Air outlet (hose)

10. Electrical connection

11. Wall mounting bracket


Maximum Consumption800 watt
Maximum working pressure7bar
Maximum flow at 7bar750l/min
Recommended Temperatures 
Waterborne basecoat30-50°C
Solvent based basecoat30-40°C
Dimensions405 x 92 x 255mm
Packing ListSagola 6000X Air Heater with 11m Heated Hose

Data Sheet

Part Numbers

Sagola 6000X Air Heater 220V – 50Hz EU
Voltage: 220V – 50Hz
Part Number : PT10780102
Sagola 6000X Air Heater 110V – 60HZ USA
Voltage: 110V – 60HZ
Part Number : PT10780104
Sagola 6000X Air Heater; 220 – 240V, 50Hz UK
Part Number : PT10780102UK


Sagola 6000X Heated Hose, 11m; EU/UK: 220 – 240V, 50Hz
 Part Number:PT56414030
Sagola 6000X Heated Hose, 11m; US: 110 – 130V, 60Hz
 Part Number:PT56414031