Sagola V2 PD Automatic Spray Gun

Product Description

The Sagola V2 PD is designed for dense products, ideal for marking paints, primers, waterproofing, intumescents, soil protection etc.

6mm internal mixing nozzle
fast and accurate application with over 80% material transfer.

High visosity products
designed for marking paints, primers, waterproofing, intumescent or soil protection.

Minimal maintenance
with no seals or plastic parts in the product area it is easy to clean and maintain.


ModelSagola V2 PD
Dimensions172 x 53 x 72mm
Air Inlet Coupling19mm BSP Male
Product Inlet Coupling6.35mm BSP Male
Maximum Air Pressure8bar
Working Pressure2 – 3bar
Air Consumption (2bar inlet)147 lpm
Average sound pressure level80dB
Materials in contact with the productStainless steel, nickel-plated brass, tresylene, carbonitride steel.
ComplianceATEX II 2G Ex ia IIC T4 Gb (Directive 2014/34/EU)
Recommended application distance18 – 20cm

Data Sheet

Part Numbers

Sagola V2 PD Automatic Spray Gun with PD Aircap & 6.00mm Stainless Steel Needle & Nozzle
Part Number : PG10259203
Sagola V2 PD Automatic Aircap
Part Number : PT51410172
Sagola V2 PD Product Needle: 6.00mm
Part Number : PT56410251
Sagola V2 PD Product Needle Head
Part Number : PT51610112
Sagola V2 PD Nozzle: 6.00mm
Part Number : PT55011312