Sagola Paper Paint Strainers

Product Description

Sagola Paper Paint Strainers are a fundamental part of the quality of paint jobs which can be used for quick and perfect paint filtering.

Sagola strainers are made of paper with a 125μm (4.9mils) or a 190μm (7.5mils) mesh. The 125μm strainer is special for water-based two-layer bases and the 190μm strainer is special for varnishes and monolayers.

Perform this step to get a spot-free surface.


Part NumberDescriptionMeshQuantity
PT40000254Sagola Paper Paint Strainers125µm (4.9mils)1,000
PT40000253Sagola Paper Paint Strainers190µm (7.5mils)1,000

Part Numbers

Sagola Paper Paint Strainers
Mesh: 125µm (4.9mils)
Quantity: 1,000
Part Number : PT40000254
Sagola Paper Paint Strainers
Mesh: 190µm (7.5mils)
Quantity: 1,000
Part Number : PT40000253