The Elcometer CG100ABDL+

Colourful, Robust and Powerful – The Elcometer CG100ABDL+

Elcometer NDT’s CG100ABDL+ is the workhorse of our handheld ultrasonic testing range, packed full of top-end features that allow it to go toe-to-toe with anything else in its form factor on the market today.

While other corrosion gauges may only offer a numerical display for the thickness of the material under test, the CG100ABDL+ is equipped with a powerful A-Scan capability that allows an inspector to measure, not only how thick a material is, but also characteristics such as the thickness of any coating applied to the surface.

In Echo-Echo mode, the gauge can even measure the thickness of a material excluding the coating. This is useful for corrosion within pipes as it allows you to test only the corroding internal surface of a pipe while ignoring the paint on the outer surface.

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