Product Description

M20 Lowest Cost Hygro Thermometer

M20 Lowest Cost Hygro Thermometer is a very popular model in the industry and is widely used. Its the most competitively priced unit in the Hygro Thermometer range.
Hygro Thermometers also know as a Thermo Hygrometers are instruments that measure Relative Humidity or RH and ambient temperature. These are both critical measurements in a quality control process.


  • Displays Temperature and Relative Humidity (RH) simultaneously
  • Automatically records Minimum and Maximum for Temperature and Humidity
  • Compact, lightweight and simple operation features for hanging or standing
  • Ideal for Computer Rooms, Laboratories, Office Environments, Home and Caravanning


M20 Hygro Thermometer – Specifications

Description Specification
Temperature range -15 to +50° C
Humidity Range 25% to 90% RH
Battery Life Over 12 months
Dimensions 110 x 70 x 20 mm
Display 31 mm x 40 mm LCD
Typical Accuracy Temp +/-1° C
Humidity +/-3%
Weight 85 g
Power Source 1 x AAA battery

Data Sheet

M20 Hygro Thermometer – Data Sheet

M20 Lowest Cost Hygro Thermometer Data Sheet


M20 Hygro Thermometer – Accessories

Supplied with Dew Point Table

Instruction Manual

M20 Hygro Thermometer – Instruction Manual

M20 Lowest Cost Hygro Thermometer Instruction Manual